Seeking Only Images to Retain in My Eyes
Photographic Series
35mm film, dimensions variable

"Non era molto, ma a me che non cercavo altro che immagini da tenere negli occhi, forse bastava."
-- "La nuvola di smog," Italo Calvino

With the final sentence of Italo Calvino's short story "The Smog" as my primary inspiration and artistic instruction, I wander through unknown cities alone and unplanned, "seeking only images to retain in my eyes."
This photographic series is comprised of analog images taken from several solo journeys I have been taking across Italy since 2017. My methodology of urban drifting as a solitary walker stems from Guy Debord's "Theory of the Dérive." I record my psychogeographic experiences with 35mm film. The delay of immediacy in seeing my photographic observations allows me to remain present in the city. Meanwhile, in the moment of the drift, I rely upon my eyes as organs of notation.​​​​​​​
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